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Partner Visas and witnesses for your relationship if you are Section 48 barred

Feb 23, 2024 | AUS | 0 comments

The Department of Home Affairs has introduced changes in the way applicants for Partner Visas should provide declarations made by witnesses to their relationship. If you have had a visa refused in Australia at a time when you did not hold another visa apart from a Bridging Visa, then you should pay extra attention to the way the declarations must follow.  

In order to meet the requirements for a valid application, the applicant is required to have two people that are known to the applicant and the sponsor each complete a statutory declaration regarding the applicant’s relationship with their sponsor.

The two statutory declaration forms must:

∙         declare that the applicant and sponsor are in a married or de facto relationship, as appropriate for the applicant’s specific circumstances. Ensure to mention the words ‘de facto’ or ‘married’.

∙         be less than six weeks old at the time of making the application

∙         include evidence demonstrating that the declarants are Australian citizens or permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens (for example, passport, birth certificate). A driver’s license or Medicare card is not sufficient evidence

∙         be witnessed by an authorized person. A list of authorized persons can be found at:

Failing to follow these specific instructions will make your Partner Visa application invalid, and consequently, you may become unlawful. 

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