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Advisory services for employers

At Crystal Migration, we know that employment of foreign nationals requires an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing immigration requirements for Australia. We offer a range of advisory services to assist you in managing your expatriate population.

Initial Onboarding Process

In order to provide immigration advice and assistance, we will take you through the onboarding process before commencing. This will include a review of your current foreign population in addition to personalised advice and recommendations for you to implement any necessary changes.

Review of Employment Contracts for Foreign Nationals

The terms and conditions of employment which are offered to foreign nationals must be equivalent to Australian employees and cannot be overstated. We can review your employment contracts and advise in relation to any necessary amendments.

Advice on registration and licensing

Several occupations require mandatory registration and/or licensing. The requirements differ significantly depending on the state/territory where the business is in operation. Where registration and/or licensing is required, we can coordinate the process on your behalf to ensure that your employees remain compliant with any local regulations.

Assistance with Labour Market Testing

Our team will assist and advise you on any applicable requirements related to Australian Labour Market testing requirements for Australia. We will work together with you to undertake and compile a comprehensive Labour Market Testing Report.

Training Plan

Employers often struggle to compile a comprehensive training plan which meets the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. We offer a number of services to assist you in compiling a training plan if you are required to provide one as part of the sponsorship process.

Advice on short-term projects

Certain businesses undertake short term projects including fly in/out arrangements, contract work and secondments. Where required, we are able to advise you in relation to the most appropriate visa for your employees. We will ensure that we formulate the most efficient strategy that enables you to meet any applicable project deadlines and is best aligned with your company goals.


We understand that relocation to Australia is often a cumbersome task for applicants. We provide support in relation to a range of relocation services that your employees may need. This may involve:

1. Advice in relation to settlement services available to migrants

2. State-by-State overview covering entire Australia

3. Assistance with any applicable registration and licensing requirements for work purpose

4. Skills assessments and employment verification services

5. Pet relocation

6. Documentation certification services

7. Additional international mobility support (e.g. assistance with opening bank accounts for your employees and assistance with organising temporary accommodation)