Advisory services for individuals

At Crystal Migration, we understand that visa applicants may face issues beyond the visa application process itself. We offer a range of advisory services to visa applicants and existing visa holders to assist them during their time of need.

Consultation regarding visa options to remain or relocate to Australia

We offer a comprehensive consultation service to existing visa holders as well as those wishing to migrate to Australia. As part of the consultation process, we provide you with:

● Face-to-face or skype consultation to discuss your individual circumstances

● Written advice pertaining to your options

● Follow up and check-in service to ensure that all of your queries are addressed

Visa cancellations

Cancellation of a visa can occur due to several factors such as the breach of visa conditions, provision of false or misleading information to the Department of Home Affairs, or on character grounds. If you are facing a visa cancellation for any reason, it is paramount that you seek professional advice immediately. This will ensure that appropriate actions are taken promptly and your future immigration pathway to Australia is not adversely impacted by the cancellation of your visa.

Removing or amending conditions on your current visa

Visas are subject to their relevant conditions. For example, you may be unable to apply for another visa whilst in Australia or unable to undertake work. It is paramount that you continue to abide by these conditions while your visa is valid to ensure that your immigration history remains clean. However, it may be possible to have these conditions removed from your visa in certain circumstances. For example, you may be allowed to undertake certain work/activities in Australia or lodge another visa application whilst onshore, if your visa conditions are successfully removed or amended..

Claiming your superannuation

Crystal Migration is able to assist migrants in claiming their superannuation upon departure from Australia.


We understand that relocation to Australia is often a cumbersome task. We provide support in relation to a range of relocation services that you may need. This may involve:

1. Advice on settlement services available to migrants.

2. State-by-state overview covering the entire of Australia.

3. Assistance with any applicable registration and licensing requirements for work purposes.

4. Skills assessment and employment verification services.

5. Pet relocation.

6. Arrangement of temporary accommodation.

7. Document certification services.

8. Assistance with obtaining a loan.