Record Keeping obligations for Sponsors (Standard Business)

Dec 8, 2022 | AUS | 0 comments

As a business that holds a Standard Business Sponsorship approved by the Department of Home Affairs, you are bound to certain obligations including to keep record of the compliance of these obligations. These records must be kept in a format that can be verified by an independent party. 

Records would keep track of your operations and serve as a proof of your performance. 

It is very important to keep these records as the Department of Home Affairs could perform routine inspections to check compliance with your obligations. By not having these records properly kept you risk the suspension of your Standard Business Sponsorship. The consequences would be not only your inability to sponsor foreign workers but also in the cancellation of their visas and/or refusal of future nominations. This would have a devastating impact on the finances of your business. 

Below is a list of records that must be kept: 

  • Request for payment of travel costs for employees, including family members when applicable. Details of time and date, amount, and who was paid must be kept. 
  • Any relevant event that needs to be reported to the Department of Home Affairs. Details of the method of notification must be recorded.
  • Position description, including the tasks performed in relation to the nominated position and the place where they were performed.
  • Salary and other earnings paid to the employee. This does not apply when the earnings are AUD $250,000 and above. 
  • Any money spent in relation to the employee unless they earn AUD $250,000 or more. 
  • Non-monetary benefits provided to the employee. Record the agreed value and the time at which, or the period over which, those benefits were provided. This does not apply when the earnings are AUD $250,000 and above. 
  • If there is an equivalent worker in your workplace, the terms, and conditions of the equivalent worker, including the period over which the terms and conditions apply
  • Contract of employment of each of the employees. 
  • Summary and reports on compliance with the training obligations for when the sponsorship is approved. 
  • If you are part of a work agreement, you must keep records of these agreements. 

These obligations end two years after the sponsorship ends or you cease to employ visa holders. 

Crystal Migration assists sponsors with conducting audit health checks.  If you have any questions or require assistance in relation to any of the above, please contact (02) 91892988.