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The benefits of Working Holiday visa and Work and Holiday visa holders to Businesses in Australia

Feb 12, 2023 | AUS, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Subclass 417 Working Holiday and subclass 462 Work and Holiday visa are a popular choice amongst young adults from eligible countries like most European countries, China, Taiwan, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. 

The main reason is because it allows to have an extended holiday in Australia while also allowing the holder to work to fund their trip or simply to save some money. 

Holders of this visas can obtain a second and even a third visa as long as they work in designated areas where labour is needed, especially in regionals areas of Australia. And this is when business benefit from the work of these visa holders. 

Some facts revealed by the Australian and Investment Commission speak about how these visitors can make a great contribution to businesses and the Australian economy as a whole:

  • They stay longer: once they taste the lifestyle of Australia, a good number opt to stay through skilled visas or student visas to gain skills and then be able to apply for the skilled migration pathway.
  • They spend more: because they stay longer, they spend more. On average expenditure for leisure travellers is $2,260. For business travel $2,090. International travellers visiting the $1,580
  • They travel more widely: more than 60% of these visa holders travel to regional Australia.
  • They do more activities:
    • Going to festivals: 38%
    • Taking part of first nations experiences: 25%
    • Visiting wineries and distilleries: 15% 

Also they are 7 times more likely to take up surfing, 4 times more likely to use a bicycle and 3 times more likely to go snorkelling.

  • Most of these visa holders work: data shows that 80% of them work during their time in Australia. 60% work for at least half of their trip.

    Amongst the most common occupations are farm hand, service in the food and hospitality industry and construction. These three industries are within the critical sector list of the Australian economy. 

Business can greatly benefit from Working Holiday makers as they increase labour supply, bring cultural diversity, increase tourism, transfer skills and knowledge and provide access to global market as they may have connections to overseas markets. 

Crystal Migration can assist Work and Holidays visa holders exploring options and pathways to stay in Australia longer and even Permanent Visas opportunities. Please get in contact with us and we will provide you with the right solution.