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Changes on conditions 8107, 8607 and 8608

Jul 11, 2024 | AUS | 0 comments

As per the announcement made on Migration Strategy, from 01st July 2024 visa conditions – 8107, 8607 and 8608 will change.

These conditions are:

  • 8107 – “The visa you hold was granted to either allow you to be employed by a particular employer, or to undertake specific activities in Australia. You must not stop working for your employer. You must not work in a different position, occupation or with another employer or for yourself.”
  • 8607 – “You must only work in their nominated occupation for which they were granted the visa. commence work within 90 days of visa grant (or visa arrival if outside Australia at the time of grant) not cease employment for more than 60 consecutive days”
  • 8608 – “You must work for the employer that sponsors you, in the nominated occupation.”

The Department of Home Affairs, aiming to support the labour market mobility, made changes on the above mentioned conditions to support the internationals that hold 457, 482 and 494 temporary visas.

The changes on the conditions are the following:

  • The internationals under 457, 482 and 494 temporary visas who stop working for their sponsors will have 180 days at a time to find another sponsor in a maximum of 365 days in total across the entire visa grant period.
  • The internationals under 457, 482 and 494 temporary visas who stop working for their sponsors can work for others while looking for another sponsor. This includes working on occupations that are not on the list. If the employment has not ceased, the nominees still need to work with their sponsors only and under the occupation they have been nominated under.

Please note that the changes apply to nominees that are currently on a 457, 482 or 494 visas before 01st July 2024 visas or even will eventually be on a 457, 482 or 494 by having their visas granted after 01st July 2024.

If the visa holders cease employment before 01st July 2024, the conditions change will not apply.