Australia’s Borders are open – where we are up to with our immigration intake?

Oct 23, 2022 | AUS | 0 comments

Despite having opened its borders since December 2021, Australia has not been able to recover the flow of immigrants necessary to maintain an ideal level in the economy and balance the supply of jobs versus demand. There are jobs that are paying well above the average amount paid during the pre-pandemic period. Several companies are in need of employees and are offering the sponsoring program straight away as a strategy to attract international workers.

According to an article published on the Financial Review website and written by Technology Reporter, Tess Bennett, 

The absence of international workers coupled with the demand for specific skills has created a candidates’ market that has pushed salaries higher in law, banking, technology, property, construction and hospitality.”


Despite needing international manpower, Australia is also experiencing delays in processing visas already applied. This has contributed to Australia’s lagging behind countries such as Canada and Ireland that have taken proactive steps to address the flow of immigration during the post-vaccination period.

According to an article written by Praveen Menon and Sam Holmes no site Reuters, 

“A blowout in visa processing times in Australia has left about a million prospective workers stuck in limbo, worsening the acute staff shortages that have crippled businesses and dampened economic sentiment.”


The shortage of workers in several areas has resulted in a facilitation in relation to immigration policies and that have encouraged immigration professionals and those interested in immigrating to Australia.

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