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Lead up to the Migration Review 2023

Sep 23, 2023 | AUS | 0 comments

As the Temporary Work Activity visa – Covid-19 Pandemic stream comes to a halt, and in the lead up to the migration review, major announcements are eagerly awaited by migration professionals and businesses alike.  

Changes are anticipated as a shakeup of the Australian Immigration system, intended to bring in reforms which makes it easier to hire for in-demand industries. The Albanese government has been consulting with regard to a three-tiered system based on salary to allow for relatively less regulatory requirements for firms to bring in higher-wage workers whilst still requiring extensive regulation for lower-wage workers. 

The final migration review is anticipated to be released in addition to the review of the integrity of the international education system to ‘lift the bar for international students’.

As Australia aims to revitalize its position in the quest for skilled migrants and talent globally, whilst Australia struggles with a nation-wide labour shortage, substantial visa processing times has been cited as a substantial hinderance to bringing in skilled labour with the review expected to address these issues.

A further anticipated change includes allowing visa holders to switch employers rather than be bound by sponsorship. Stakeholder groups including regional employers have cited the concern that regional employers may struggle to retain workers and the prospect of poaching may eliminate the cost-benefit of the program. 

Heavy union involvement is evident with the industry-wide Aged Care Labour Agreement having been implemented, allowing employers to bring carers on minimum wage. 

With heavy consultation with varying stakeholders with differing interests, the review is anticipated to overhaul the inefficiencies of the current system.

Crystal Migration will provide updates once further information is known.