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Challenges that International Students face when living in Australia

Dec 12, 2023 | AUS | 0 comments

Australia is one of the most popular countries for international students who are looking for tertiary education. While it can be a memorable experience for many, it also comes with its own hurdle that needs to be overcome. Some of the challenges that are faced by international students living in Australia are:

  • Language Barrier: English is the primary language used in Australia. However, students from non-English speaking countries can have difficulty in communicating with other people. Moreover, with people coming from different parts of the world, they have their own accents when speaking in English. This makes it difficult for students to understand their words.
  • Accommodation: With students from many different countries, there is a high demand for student housing. This makes it difficult for them to secure affordable and comfortable housing. Moreover, they may be unaware of how the rental process works and along with the language barrier, they can be susceptible to scam.
  • Homesickness: Moving alone to another country means that they will be separated from their families and friends. With difficulty adjusting to life in Australia, they do not have their loved ones to rely on for comfort.
  • Cost of Living: Tuition fee for tertiary education is expensive and with other costs included such as rent and living expenses, the cost can get quite high. International students will need to look for part-time jobs to increase their income.
  • Academic Pressure: International students may struggle in academic settings. Language barriers can make it difficult for them to understand the tutor as well as communicating with their group mates. Moreover, they may need to work up to 20 hours a week which significantly reduces the time they have for self-study.

International students living in Australia face several challenges which can be difficult to overcome. However, with proper support and strategy, they will be able to adapt and succeed in the academic setting and help them develop their career.