Immigration Assistance

with top quality expertise


Immigration Assistance

with top quality expertise


Immigration Assistance

with top quality expertise

Welcome to Crystal Migration

Our mission is to provide you with a one stop shop immigration service (yes we do pet relocation services as well!) yet ensure that each client receives a personalised service depending on their circumstances. We respect and commit to our clients by providing support and actively participating in all phases inherent to the process contracted by the client. We do not want to be viewed as a transactional migration agency, our goal is to form a strategic partnership with you to help you to achieve your goals.

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Some love we have received

Raghav Singh - Subclass 485 Visa

It was very convenient having an agent work on my application as they did everything for us. I really liked the professionalism of the agent and how he would constantly give updates while he was filling the application.

The benefit of going through an agent- they fill the application for us, professionalism in the service they provide and knowledge on current changes in the visa conditions.

I would recommend this service as they provide a clear picture of the application and also the fee structure as well.

Yuri Kozak - Subclass 500 Visa

I sought out Ross Ahmadzai’s services to renew my student visa. I don’t regret having chosen a lawyer-immigration agent to renew my visa, as he gave me ideas for pathways to permanent residence that the usual student agencies do not give.

Ross’ service was excellent. Throughout the process he kept in touch with me, always updating me on all stages of the process until the moment my visa was granted. I liked the service so much that I’m already seeking Ross in order to migrate my visa to a permanent visa.

I recommend Ross’s services for the excellent professional profile he has dealing with my case with promptness, dedication and responsibility. I recommend to all students, especially those who want to stay permanently, to use the services of an immigration agent because it gives you a real perspective of the pathway to residence, compared to exchange agencies that only want to sell you courses.

Thank you Ross for helping me with my visa.

John Max - Subclass 482 TSS Visa

A really smooth process and my visa was granted in less than two months. What I really appreciated was the ongoing transparency, we were constantly talking and I had a lot of questions but it has always been very well explained so it was clear for me what I needed to do in order to provide what was necessary to the application.

Support from a professional whenever you have questions. Safety and professionalism in the conduction of the process. No doubt about that. The whole process was conducted extremely well. We didn’t have so much time to gather all the documents and complete the application but with their efficiency we were able to finish at a perfect timing with no troubles.

I wanna thank everyone for making my dream to stay in Australia become real.

Marlon Maqui - Subclass 482 TSS Visa

Amazing, my visa was approved in no time and I was hassle-free during the process.

Fast and accurate transaction, the agent is very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Well-versed and capable of interpreting the provisions of migration law. This increases the probability of having your visa approved. Will save you time and money while reducing the stress from the migration process.

A., E. & J.

Hi CML Team, we are very grateful for all the hard work that you put into our visa application. Thank you for all the effort that you put till the last time, we know it was also very stressful for you but you have supported us all the way.

We really don’t have words to explain how happy we are with your companionship in every step. We never felt alone in this process. 


Mikhail Chowdhary - 500 Visa Applicant & Advisory Services

It was very convenient to have an agent work on my application as they did everything for. I really like the professionalism of the agent and how he would constantly give updates while he was filling the application. The benefits of going through an agent – they filled the application for us, professionalism in the service they provide, knowledge on the current changes in the visa conditions.

I would recommend this service as they provide a clear picture of the application and fee structure as well.

Yucel Ugurlu - 858 GTI Visa Applicant

I had contacted several migration agents before to get my PR visa. But all of them told me that there is no direct path to PR in my current visa. One day, I heard that Australia is expanding the Global Talent visa for people who have international reputation/recognition and thought that this would be a perfect match for me. I was looking for an Immigration law firm that has a good experience with GTI visa before since getting an initial assessment on my qualification was very important and wanted to understand the application process. 
One of my friends who is doing an educational business recommended the Crystal Migration. He told me the Crystal Migration is one of the bests in this market. Previous GTI visa experience gave me confidence that I can work with Crystal Migration. Also, face-to-face meetings, video conferences, detailed email communication and speedy responses stand out as compared with other service providers.  
Of course, getting a PR made me very happy. I felt also very happy when we made both EOI and official application on time. A very detailed review process for each document and speedy responses exceeded my expectations. 
I think their confidence and experience are the main reasons. Also, Crystal Migration has a fixed service fee, so you don’t need to worry about any extra works in your application process. GTI visa application process is very complicated and requires lots of experience. I highly recommend working with Crystal Migration.

Samuel Neves - 482 Visa Applicant

My visa situation was not easy and to work with a registered migration agent with experience was the best.

At the beginning they analysed my situation and informed all visa options I had, also describing their benefits and the future visas and PR pathways. Through emails and phone calls they always had a quick response to any doubts. The transparency and the trustful information is what I liked most. Crystal Migration also has a great organisation to collect documents which makes the process faster.

I totally would recommend their service to my friends. A professional team with great experience can guide them to the best visa option.

Christopher Ducusin - 186 Visa Applicant

Prior to engaging Crystal Migration, I was worried and confused if I had a pathway for PR. I engaged an immigration law firm because I know they can help me on processing my visa application and I want everything to be done in the right process.

My employer recommended Crystal Migration to me. They are very professional in every way and patient with me throughout the process.

I’m so happy to have worked with professional people and friendly people from Crystal Migration, particularly Ross and Claudia. They are always there whenever I have questions and things that I want to clarify. You really explained it to me well. Your professionalism and dedication to help your clients is the main reason why I will recommend you. I will telleveryone who might consider using Crystal Migration, that you are the best immigration law firm that will help you achieve your dream.

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