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How to recruit skilled workers from overseas?

Feb 12, 2023 | AUS | 0 comments

If you aren’t able to source suitably skilled Australian staff to work in your business, you may be considering hiring staff from overseas. You may either employ a non-citizen who is already in Australia who holds an appropriate work visa – such as a working holiday visa holder, or international student. You may sponsor a skilled worker who lives offshore or is in Australia temporarily for either a temporary or permanent work visa. 

Generally, the nominated occupation you sponsor the overseas worker must be on the Skilled Occupation List or, you may be able to negotiate a labor agreement to sponsor individuals with occupations not on the list as per your business need. Other temporary work or activity visas are available depending on the skills required and selected occupation. 

Recruiting overseas workers

Prior to recruiting workers from offshore, it is vital to do your research to determine the prerequisites for the role. The recruitment process in itself can be time-consuming and expensive without having to consider immigration; therefore it is important you decide on an ideal candidate, select your method of advertising and ensure you have an effective assessment strategy in place. Questions to ask yourself as a business, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Which country has best pool of qualified people for the role?
  • Are similar qualifications required for the role within the country you wish to source workers and are they equivalent to qualifications required to perform the role in Australia per ANZSCO?
  • Do you have a comprehensive job description prepared to ensure candidates are able to be appropriately screened?
  • Have you determined how long you will require the position in line with future business plans?
  • How many workers do you anticipate the business will require over the next few years?
  • Do you require employees on an immediate basis?
  • Will you offer the chance for the workers family to relocate to Australia or a pathway to permanent residency?
  • Will you assist with settlement and sourcing accommodation and education for the workers family? 

It is best to speak with immigration specialists to ensure you are aware of the varied considerations when recruiting workers from overseas. 

Once you have determined key requirements per your business need, you may fill skilled job vacancies by utilising a variety of methods. These include but are not limited to: 

Recruitment websites

The most efficient way to recruit workers to fulfill job requirements is likely via Australian recruitment websites. Individuals applying via these websites would likely already have an interest in relocating to Australia. Most platforms offer useful guides and tips for attracting and recruiting the right candidate. However, recruiting directly in the overseas market you wish to target may also provide a useful avenue to incentivise workers with the opportunity to relocate to a country with a stable economy and high standard of living. 

The Australian government has implemented useful platforms and provides resources specifically to assist employers in Australia. 

Jobs Hub 

The Australian Government is supporting job seekers and businesses. As a business, you are able to publish your advertisement on your hub to attract suitably skilled workers. 

Job active

The Australian Government Website allows businesses to advertise at no cost. The platform allows for candidates to be screened whilst ensuring they are job ready. If eligible, businesses are eligible for a wage subsidy when recruitment and training employees. 

Job Outlook 

Job Outlook provides a free useful online guide to the Australian Labour Market and key trends and considerations while recruiting. Businesses will be able to access tasks and duties of an occupation, required skills, salary guides and future trends. 

Recruitment agencies 

Recruitment agencies are an attractive intermediary usually having knowledge of the specific sector and how to best reach workers with the required skills and qualifications. They may assist in both sourcing and screening potential candidates, connecting you with individuals best suited for the role. Depending on the agency, they may offer integrated services offering immigration and settlement solutions – providing a hassle-free way to find suitable candidates who are able to achieve your business goals. 

Social and Print Media 

Sourcing your ideal candidate via social media remains a quick an efficient way of increasing brand presence and connecting with your candidates directly. Advertisements in industry magazines, journals or media with national reach still remains a viable strategy to attract migrants, albeit slightly more costly. 

Making the decision to source foreign workers to fill skill shortages is attractive for many reasons. Obtaining the correct visa, for the correct duration and all whilst ensuring compliance with both Australian legislation and obligations set by the Department of Home Affairs remain a common source of error when hiring. Ensuring thorough planning based on projected business need is essential to ensuring your recruitment strategy is aligned with immigration regulations at the time and best placed to achieve organizational objectives. Consulting immigration specialists may provide useful suggestions with regard to the most appropriate strategy to fill roles with the most suitably qualified candidates for your business. Should you require further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact or (02) 9189 298