How to secure your data on the internet

Jun 11, 2024 | AUS | 0 comments

In today’s age, where the internet is heavily relied on for several aspects of our life including financial transactions, social interaction, education, etc. Protecting our data on the internet has become more important than ever. With proper knowledge and precautions, you will be able to increase the security of your online data. Below are some tips to assists you: 

Use strong password: Use strong and unique passwords for all your accounts (including uppercase, lowercase, number, symbols, etc.). Avoid using passwords that are related to you such as your name or birthday. Additionally, you can also use a password manager that can generate a secure and complex password and store them for you. 

Two Factor Authentication: This adds another layer of security for your data. After the correct password is entered, you will be requested to input a code that is either sent to your phone or generated by the authenticator app. 

Watch out for phishing attempts: Do not respond to unverified messages or click on any link from unknown sources. Phishing attacks are extremely common and are used to steal your information.  

Change Privacy Setting: review the privacy setting on your social media account and change them according to your preferences. You are able to restrict the content you post publicly to those you would like to share with. 

Secure Wi-Fi: Use a strong and unique password for your home network. Avoid public networks especially during activities such as online banking or shopping, as they are not secured and are more susceptible to hacking. 

As the internet is heavily relied upon for several aspects of our life. It is becoming more important to learn how to protect your data. By following the tips provided, you will be able to increase the security of your data and reduce the risk of cyberattacks.