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Removal of OSAP countries of passport

Jun 14, 2024 | AUS | 0 comments

The change to remove countries of passport for automotive occupations from mandatory OSAP assessment is to instead allow assessment under the less complex and cheaper MSA program for qualified applicants from countries with comparable qualification frameworks.  This change was agreed to following engagement with automotive industry representatives regarding skills assessments and countries that have similar qualification standards to Australia, together with TRA’s desire for consistency.

This change now allows qualified applicants from 1 April 2023 to choose the cheaper MSA (offered in-house by TRA). OSAP assessments are still available if an applicant requires an Australian qualification

The occupations and countries of passport in scope for this change are below, with applicants from the following countries applying under the nominated occupation now eligible for MSA:

Automotive Electrician [321111]
Motor Mechanic (General)
beater [324111]*
Vehicle Painter [324311]
Diesel Mechanic [321212]
Countries of passport:
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
* Chinese applicants under the Panel beater occupation will still be required to be assessed under OSAP, consistent with the nominated country/occupation combinations under Migration (IMMI 18/039: Mandatory Skills Assessment—Subclass 482 Visa) Instrument 2018.